At Brush Insurance Agency Inc., we understand that there are times when you need more insurance coverage for specific items in your home, condo or in a property that you're renting. A valuable items floater gives one or more specific items a higher level of coverage than what you'd get with standard homeowner's, condominium owner's or tenant's policy. Common items that may warrant a valuable items floater include:
• Computer equipment
• Expensive jewelry
• High end digital cameras and accessories
• Sports equipment
• Stamp/Coin/Sports card Collection

Valuable items floaters often come with limitations so it's important to speak with one of our qualified professionals by calling or stopping by our Dayton, Ohio location to find out more.
Brush Insurance Agency Inc. also offers fine art floaters that protect your treasured paintings, antiques or other artwork with coverage. Paintings, antiques and other types of artwork are often rare or one of a kind pieces that can't simply be replaced. Due to this, special insurance coverage is often needed in order to receive the most protection.
If you're concerned about insurance protection for your valuable items or fine art, it's important to know what your current homeowners or tenant's policy covers. Most homeowners and tenant's policies only provide a specific limit of coverage on valuable items and fine art, which is why additional coverage may be required. A floater provides coverage for one specific item, so it's also important to remember that if you have more than one valuable or piece of fine art that needs additional protection, you may have to purchase additional floater coverage.
Our friendly staff is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding valuable items or fine art floaters. Give us a call to discuss your options or stop by our convenient location in Dayton, Ohio.