Depending on what line of work your business is in, you may need surety or fidelity bonds. Brush Insurance Agency Inc. offers both surety and fidelity bonds and our helpful staff is able to assist you with the process. Our office is conveniently located in Dayton, Ohio and we're here to answer any questions that you may have.


A surety bond is also known as a "commercial surety bond" and it can relate to one or more professions and bond types. A surety bond is a guarantee from a business that they will abide by all applicable laws to their profession. For example, a construction company has to agree to uphold all laws in relation to building codes. Other examples of surety bonds include:
• Probate bonds
• Customs bonds
• Tax bonds
• Brokers bonds
• Lottery

If you're not sure whether your business needs a surety bond, we're happy to help you and make sure that you're completely covered.


When you hire an employee, you trust that they're going to be honest and adhere to all rules that you set forth. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen no matter how careful you are when you hire someone and things can go wrong. Theft is something that business owners have to deal with but not only with their customers. Employee theft is a reality that business owners may face one day and if you suffer a loss due to employee theft, a fidelity bond can help protect you.
If your business suffers a loss due to employee theft, a fidelity bond works as an insurance policy to help cover the loss. Employee theft can cause a great financial burden if it happens to your company so it's essential to be covered.
For more information about fidelity or surety bonds, contact Brush Insurance Agency Inc.