Whether you have one car that you use for your business or you have a whole fleet of trucks that need to be insured, Brush Insurance Agency Inc. can tailor a commercial automobile policy to perfectly suit your needs. We understand that business owners can't afford to waste time filling out a ton of paperwork or waiting for claims to be processed. With our agency, your business gets personalized service, competitive rates and fast claims processing.


If you have to drive a car for work related tasks or any of your employees need to drive during their work hours, you need commercial auto insurance. Just like with your personal automobile, you're required by law to carry insurance on a commercial vehicle but why you need commercial insurance goes way beyond legalities.
Your business vehicle may contain work equipment or materials that are expensive to replace. If an accident were to happen, not only do you need coverage that's going to pay to replace or repair the vehicle, you also need coverage to pay for any damaged work equipment.
If one or more of your commercial vehicles was out of service due to an accident, your whole business would be affected. Brush Insurance Agency Inc. will work with you to find the best policy that'll get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Commercial auto insurance has special considerations and therefore you have the option for additional coverage. Commercial auto insurance covers physical damage and it gives you liability protection but it can also protect you against special circumstances. For example, vehicles that are parked together and left alone have a greater chance of all being damaged at once. Other considerations include:
• If you drive a long distance every day in your work vehicle
• If you allow your employees to take work vehicles home with them
• If your commercial vehicles are left unattended overnight
• Whether the vehicle is owned, leased or has a loan against it
• If you have specialized equipment in or permanently attached to your vehicle.
Stop in to Brush Insurance Agency Inc. in Dayton, Ohio to discuss your business's auto insurance needs. We'll customize a policy based on your specific situation so that you take comfort in knowing that your business is protected.